Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dinners and my favorite website for cooking

First off are the dinners. We first have the Surprise dinner #1. Click the Link and see what it is. Would you like it? If you do... MAKE IT! Would you like Surprise dinner #2? How about #3 and #4? Are you guessing my favorite cooking website? Of course! You say. What is it? The Kraft website of course! How did you know that? All your recipes are from that website! OK. With that giant clue you know what it is. I don't call that a clue. That's your answer! The Kraft website. Just type in this website. Get recipes from there!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Birthday Cakes

Who's birthday is coming up soon? Your sisters? Your grandma? Well, mine is in two days and I have great cakes for you to make.

                                            raspberry cake
                                            Brown sugarcake
                                            Chocolate covered oreo cookie cake
                                              Oreo Strawberry Shortcake
If any of these sound good to you you can make it.

Happy Birthday!

Friday, May 23, 2014

The post I promised

Strawberry Whipped Sensation. Creamy Strawberry Pie. Mmmmmmm! Peanut butter cookie Santas. And don't forget the Cute Tuxedo Strawberries. Oh, I'll try and find some videos. Hoped you like my yummy desserts.

                             P.S. Was that too many desserts?

Healthy recipe

I have a healthy recipe that you might like.

Green smoothie 
Anyflavor yoghurt
Juice (Anyflavor)
Put one Cup of spinach in a blender.


Some Links to cool cooking stuff

My lowfat food diary and Yummy easy dessert recipe. I hope you like it. If you like desserts read the next post. If you want to learn more about our family check this out The Christensen Family.