Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My famous tuna sandwich


Fresh caught tuna (but if you don't have any used the canned type)
A bottle of mayonnaise
Celontro or parsley
Diced tomatos

What to do

Put some tuna into a bowl until the bowl is half filled. Take a spoon and put a spoon of mayonnaise into the bowl with the tuna. Then stir for a while. Then take 4 or 5 leafs of cilantro and either chop up or tear. Then sprinkle that in with the tuna. Mix it in. Spread the tuna on one piece of bread. Then take 1 lettuce leaf and cut it into 8 pieces. Then place some leaves so they fit on top of the tuna, mayo, and cilantro. Put the top piece of bread on.

Enjoy! I figured out this recipe when making lunch for My grandma. She has brown skin so we like to call her ghram-cracker. She is so nice. She always says hi, and apparently more people know her than she knows than. I suppose the word of her ever happy kindness spread a long ways.