Friday, June 10, 2016

Delicious Lemonade

My mom just said to add a cup of sugar and some lemons, and I made the lemonade. It's really good! Here's the recipe for the most basic and delicious lemonade you've ever tasted:

2 lemons, cut in half
cold water
1 cup sugar

Fill up a large pitcher with cold water about 3/4 full. Dump in 1 cup sugar and let it dissolve. This may take a while. Then squeeze the all of the lemon's juice into a bowl. Throw away the seeds, and pour the lemon juice into the pitcher. Stir again, and taste it. If it needs more lemon, or sugar, add a little bit of it. If it needs less sugar or lemon, dilute it with more water. Enjoy!

serves: 12

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